Women with Fistula:


Linking Lives works closely with an Ethiopian NGO,The Trampled Rose, Inc., which provides medical care for women with fistula and medical training for members of the community in order to promote the end of fistula in future generations. 


You can bring hope to the women with fistula by supporting programs which will keep girls in school and bring community members a new understanding of fistula while they learn how to care for the women with compasion.


You can make a difference in their lives.


Hospice Care:


Linking Lives funds the training and patient care services of Hospice Ethiopia, the only Hospice care center in the country (a country of approximately 101 million people).


We provide funding which brings palliative care to patients and provides training in the medical colleges, promoting hopsice care for future patients and their families.


You can help to expand hospice care in Ethiopia.



Since 2007, we have funded the work of Adherence Supporters at the ALERT Hospital who are HIV+, have adhered to their medication regimen and are now assising the medical doctors with the care of newly diagnosed HIV+ patients.


They bring hope and understanding to the patients and their families as no other caregivers can.


You can help to bring hope, and work to end stigma and shame.

Medical Students are being trained to understand and treat Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Disorders

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery:


Since 2005, Linking Lives has funded training and materials as well as personnel in the ongoing development of two alcoholism and substance abuse treatment centers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 


Working closely with the Provost of the St. Paul's Millennium Medical College, we are committed to funding ongoing training events and curriculum development which will guide the medical doctors, psychiatrists and social workers in their treatment of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse.


You can bring hope to so many who are suffering.