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Together we can make a difference.

Your contributions will touch the lives of thousands of Ethiopians.  Through your contributions, you will participate in funding salaries of Ethiopians at work.


They are making a difference everyday in hospitals and villages, in compounds and homes, in treatment centers and medical schools.




$50 pays for one day of training for one medical student in a three day Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Treatment Training Program


$150 covers the on-site expenses of one day of training for 22 medical doctors, residents and psychiatric nurses in the field of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation.


$500 provides three days of training in the fields of Palliative Care to medical doctors and nurses, expanding the field of palliative care medicine in Ethiopia.





Our projects are working to advance the care given to patients with Alcholism & Addiction, HIV/AIDS, Obstetric Fistula, and supporting the health training in villages and keeping girls in school


In honor of so many patients, family members and caregivers in Ethiopia, we thank you for your generosity and caring.  


Here are some examples of how very far your gift can go to make a difference:




$95 funds one month of salary for each Adherence Supporter working with HIV+ patients and training family members about the care needed to be given to the HIV+ patients after their diagnosis.



$75 funds a day of training about Obstetric Fistula in a rural village.  Members of the village are trained to present information about the care needed for women with fistula in order to help end the stigma and shame it has brought for generations.




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