You can make a difference.   



Our current funding agreements with Ethiopian NGOs support the development of medical care and social services in four major areas: 


  • Alcoholism and Addiction Treatment and Recovery

  • Hospice Care

  • HIV/AIDS Adherence Supporters 

  • Women With Fistula


Please join us in funding the salaries of Ethiopians who are working to provide advanced medical care and social services in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and in several rural Ethiopian villages.


Your caring and your contributions make a difference in the lives of so many in need who are daily facing the issues of living with poverty, hunger and illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, fistula, cancer, and

alcoholism and substance abuse. 




We are committed to advancing the resources available to meet these challenges.

Women with Fistula:


We are currently raising funds to support the care for women with fistula in two remote villages.


In 2016 we participated in keeping 1,205 girls in school, provided health care training to over 30,000 Ethiopans, and assisted in funding the surgeries for 24 women to correct the fistula condition.   


Our current funding will provide similar care during 2018-2019.


Be a part of the solution.